Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Leadership

On Wednesday  I did PALs with my friend Emma PALs stands for physical activite leaders
The game we played was stuck in the mud with year 1-3's.The year 1-3's love to play stuck in the as it turn's out . Firstly we started of by getting them to do ten star jumps, while we waited for others to come along then we picked two taggers each I picked one little girl and one little boy Emma did the same to make it fair.

How to play stuck in the mud

What you need
2-4 taggers
10 or more other players 
A court or spacious area I would recommend an outdoor area
And some cones to mark the boundaries 

How to play 
Step 1 pick 2-4 taggers and give the other players 10 seconds to run away.
Step 2 let the taggers run around and tag the non taggers if you get tagged you need to stand still and wait for someone to  crawl through your legs make sure this person isn't tagged 
Step 3 continue these steps until you want to stop playing


My Maths Goal