Monday, 12 October 2015

My start of the year goal update

 The goals I set for term two are

*Be a role model
*Do well in all subjects
*Be the best I can be

Be a role model : I have been a role model to the younger students by respecting the school grounds, others as well as the schools property and wearing my hat

Do well in all my subjects : I have been doing well in all my subjects because have pasted all my goal and have been completing the national standard 

Be the best I can be : I have been being the best I can by doing my best in netball,maths,reading, writing, tennis and more 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

W.A.L.T Generalise properties of multiplication and division with wholenumbers

This is my Maths prove it I got to at extended abstract because I can identify what the property of multiplication and addition are.

My Next step is to get a new maths goal

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the last three days the year 7&8's have been busy playing sports at the Koru Games tournament.

* The things that I really enjoyed were playing against other schools netball teams and seeing schools that I never thought existed as well as seeing others that I play against on Saturday. I also liked how my coach helped us with the things we were not so good at.

* When I think back to the beginning of the year, I have really have improved on sticking with my partner and being fast off the line.

Overall I found the Koru Games really fun ,enjoyable and have some really great memories and wish that I could play the Koru Games tournament again next year.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Specify location using bearing grid or reference.

W.A.L.T: Specify location using bearing grid or reference.
The solo level I got to was extended abstract because I now know where to but the dot on the grid and that X come before Y.

My Writing Prove It

This is my entry and exit ticket the blank space is what I knew when I first got moved into this writing group and below that is what I now know

Here is my Speech Prove It Introduction The highlighted words are apart of what I learnt with my goal. My W.A.L.T: To make our sentences more complex

Remember the tough times as a kid, being teased because of your gender,race as well as how rich or poor you are well It's hard being a kid. Because our parents make all of the decisions when half the time the decision our parents make is the opposite of what we really want, we have to do a whole bunch of chores. Although we wouldn't be able to survive without our parents because they bring home all the money,food and clothes. Also while Balancing six hours of school, homework,chores and after school activities.