Monday, 1 December 2014


On Thursday I did librarian with Emma and Hayley. The library wasn't very busy because the talent show was on but we helped Mrs Ward cancel all the library books that other students in our school had out .

My Reading

In class we have to pick one of four questions about the book/novel we are reading. The question I picked was themes in a book that could apply in real life?How so?People live in cardboard boxes and in dumpsitesall around the world because they can't afford a house in real life. The theme in this book that  apples in real life is that people are living in a dumpsite in a place called behala and search for clothes and what they wear and other things.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

My Leadership

On Monday I did Peer Mediation, my little reading buddy had problem so I helped solve it ,the problem happen in the sandpit and was where this little boy kept running through my little buddy and his friends creations . As Peer Mediators do I sorted out the problem it turns out that little boy who kept running through my little buddy's creations because he wanted to play with them.

Friday, 7 November 2014

My Leadership

On Monday I did peer mediation with Ginny there were no problems that needed to to be sorted out and on Wednesday I was going to do PALs with Emma but we weren't allowed to do PALs because it was wet and slippery on the courts

Friday, 31 October 2014

My Passion Project

Today I achieved /started doing my google slide presentation I found out some more  information about the Notre Dame de Paris .My next step is to finish my google slide her is a pic

Friday, 24 October 2014

My Passion Project

Today I achieved: Today I achieved doing my planning and finding the answers to my Questions

My next step: my next step is to get into the realational stage of my passion project

Friday, 17 October 2014

Passion Projects

                          Passion Project

What are Passion Projects you might ask well Passion Projects are something that we are doing in class at the moment where we pick something in the world to learn about it can be anything and as Mr L said don't limit your imagenation to what you do in the class room 

The Question I am doing is Why the Notre Dame de Paris was created ? 
I  choose this because I have always wanted to go to paris and I have never heard of this buliding before
here is a picture :

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

My Leadership

On Monday I did Peer Mediation with Emma,Emma Was filling in for Mia who was busy getting ready for prodution. Emma and I sorted out a minor problem where a girl said a boy had spat at her on perpus as it turned out that he was just talking to her and spit came  out of his mouth. We didn't have to sort out any more problems because it started to pour down with rain so we didn't need to do Peer Mediation.

My Writing Discussion

On the 20th of September 2014 New Zealanders over the age of 18 will be voting on which political party they want to vote for . The election doesn’t just happen in New Zealand it will happen somewhere in your community:school or a church,Not everyone agrees on who to vote who will you be voting for ?

Education,Education is one of the most important issues in the up coming elections,the National Party and the Labour Party like the national standards because they can find the students who need a bit more help than others.In comparaison the Maori Party like the national standards but think some things need to be changed.While the Green Party ,New Zealand First Party,United Future Party ,Mana Party and the Act Party don't want the national standards to be used in schools to show the students learning.In the same way the Conservative Party like the national standards but wouldn't use them.

Heathcare is one of the most important issues in the up coming election, the National Party,Labour Party and the Act Party all want to extend free doctor visits for children up to the age of 13 .In a similar manner the New Zealand First Party and the Conservative Party want to have free doctor vists for all primary school children.On the Other Hand the Green Party,United Future Party and the Maori Party want to extend free doctor visits for children until the age of 18.

Enviroment,the Enviroment is not one of the most important things people look at in the elections. the National party and the New Zealand First Party said that DOC like all governerment departments have had to make significant savings with the previous budget cuts and that the Enviroment is our tourism trump card.Although the Labour Party and the Maori Party say that the department of conservation play a crucial role in proctecting New Zealand’s most valueble water and land.In comparision the Green Party and the ACT Party want to put total buget cuts in for the department of conservation the ACT Party want to make budget cuts up to 28.64 milion while the Green Party want to make bugets cuts up to 4.6 million.Although the United Future Party say that funding to consrevation should increase when financial conditions allow.As well as the Mama Party want people to care more about the earth and enviroment. While the Conservative Party don't want to change anything .

In conclusion the nine different parties are trying to do everything possible to get your vote.Overall I personally think that National are going to do the best for New Zealand and the people of New Zealand because of all the effort they have put in with this years election .

Friday, 12 September 2014

My Leadership

Today at lunch I did Peer Mediation I helped solve a problem, the problem was where  some little girls had a bit of a disagreement between what was happening around a game but in the end they apoligized to each other and went on to play with each other. 

Friday, 5 September 2014

My Writing Reacount

This my reacount which is based on my parody this reacount is from the mothers point of view
the colour  pink is what my goal was /is in writing.Also in my writing there will be mistakes they are meant to be there because I am meant to under line them.

I learnt what prefixes and suffixes a prefix is the start of the word which is the colour blue and the suffix is at the end of the word which is the colour green and the middle word is the the root word which is yellow .

   Un forget able             Un  Forget  Able                

My writing the two paragraphs of my story

Today I have to let my two twin bratz go on a wild goose chase
because they are to close to finding out my secret whats my secret
you may ask well you will just have to wait and see.

Oh I forgot to introduce  my self i'm Lily Franswa now let's see I am an ex
crimanal  from new jersey down I live with my so called husband
who is rich he is currently at his mothers funeral ma ha ha i need
to work on that a little bit . Also I have to live with my two twin
bratz who I have to call my daughters. Well enough about me
we should probably get back to the story.

My Writing Parody

In the begging there lived two girls named Hansila and Gretal
Hansila and Greatal lived with there sweet sweet father and their evil step mother

That night Hansila and Gretal  walked past there parents bedroom and came to a sudden hault when they heard there names they stood there listening to there parents. There parents were talking about selling the house or getting rid of the girls .While their parents continued to talk the girls  tip toed back to bed.

The next morning they woke up reallly early in the morning to make there step mother a pie there step mother came in with her face mask on and said girls what have you made me for breakfast this morning. A pie the girs said nicely on three Hansila said to Gretal 1..2..3 the pie went all over there step mothers face you disgusting little girls. Get out of this house I will meet you outside.

There step mother got the girls father and told him what happened there father charged through the door and yelled at the girls you little pigs follow me. Their father stormed into the woods they finally got to the grey rock that has lots of bird poop on it . Their father told them to take a seat  said their father on there no way replayed Hansila to bad replayed there father .We have some news were kicking you out there parents then gave them five slices of bread and told then to run along.

As the girls were walking gretal saw something in the distance and told hansila,hansila said well come on then it was a fish and chip shop.gretal sat there and stared .its kinda dodgey said hansila well its our only hope plus i'm starving said gretal. The girls walked in to the fish and chip shop to find a lady who had bright pink hair , ickey brown teeth and a disgusting brownish black mole on here face
the lady was a little unpatient so she yelled at the girls and said are you wanting to order the girls just started then the lady said well speak children.

The girls replyed by saying 1 hotdog, 3 hotdogs ,1 fish ,5 fishes and 2 scoops of chips won't argue with that said gretal that comes to 35.49 thats the thing we don't have any money well get out i'm not giving you any food for free.The lady shouted so hard that her mole fell right of her face the girls just got out the door when another man walked in to get his order the lady had already wrapped up his order.the girls found the food out the back that was in the trash can. they look through the trash can and found some moldy chips then gobbled them down.

Afterthe girls had gobbled down the moldy chips they started throwing up but continued to walk as they came across a mansion it was huge should we knock on the door said gretal well of course hope fully these people will be nicer than the lady at the fish and chip shop the girls knocked on the door a tall skinny lady with mixed coloured hair answered the door with a smile.Hello the lady said what can I do for ya well our parents gave us the boot and we were wondering if we could stay here for a night sure come on in.Here is some chocolate chip biscuts and a glass of milk.

Then Hansila asked if there was any more food don't be so rude Gretal said to Hansila someone came running down the stairs who are these people said Amelia this is Hansila and Gretal they got the boot now girls it's getting Amelia could you show them where they will be staying do have to what was that sure no problem. Amelia took Hansila and Gretal up to there room.

Our house isn't even this big this carpet is so  soft  unlike ours said Gretal hurry up move it replyed Amelia weeks pasted and the girls helped out around the house doing chores and other bits and pieces
then suddenly the doctor came  rushing in to tell the girls the news. Your parents have um well fallen asleep for ever said he doctor were not dumb said the girls they have died two days later the girls died the doctor put it down to there parents death.

The End .

My Maths Goal

Thursday, 14 August 2014

My Leadership

On Wednesday  I did PALs with my friend Emma PALs stands for physical activite leaders
The game we played was stuck in the mud with year 1-3's.The year 1-3's love to play stuck in the as it turn's out . Firstly we started of by getting them to do ten star jumps, while we waited for others to come along then we picked two taggers each I picked one little girl and one little boy Emma did the same to make it fair.

How to play stuck in the mud

What you need
2-4 taggers
10 or more other players 
A court or spacious area I would recommend an outdoor area
And some cones to mark the boundaries 

How to play 
Step 1 pick 2-4 taggers and give the other players 10 seconds to run away.
Step 2 let the taggers run around and tag the non taggers if you get tagged you need to stand still and wait for someone to  crawl through your legs make sure this person isn't tagged 
Step 3 continue these steps until you want to stop playing


My Maths Goal

Thursday, 19 June 2014

My Explanation Writing

In writing i have been writing an explanationon the
on the Fair Trading Act and the Consumer Gurantee Act.The blue is for the i can write sentences with a vareity of starters .

My Explanation 

In the first example of the car parking app, The Consumer would pay in
the morning and as soon as he paid he would recive  a text message on his
phone saying that he had paid.However by night he would find a sixty five
dollar fine on the wind shield of his car.This Consumer hadn't been informed
that the car parking business had changed due to this the consumer was wasting
his money on the three fines he got this consumer could also sue this company
for the money he had to pay.

Friday, 30 May 2014

My Art Work

This is my artwork there are some mountains,a lake ,an island and a sun 
we used The paint and pastel style

My Writing

My writing goal was to write sentences that have a variety of starter lenghths

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Some More Homework Challenges

The second three course meal .

The Entree
The Main
The Dessert

My Other Homework challenges

The first three course meal.

The Entree
The Main 

The Dessert

My Homework Challenges

At School the year 7&8's get home work challenges we have to atleast do three challenges a term. By the end of this term we have to have at least six signed off.The reason I am writing this is because it is a bonus challenge if we put the photos and an explanation of what we have done.

Selling Girl Guide Biscuits 

Doing The City To Surf

Thursday, 17 April 2014

My End Of Term Reflection

The area of my learning that I have made the most progress on is : My Maths because I have achieved one of my goals  learning goals and I understand more than I did before I started year seven.

The area I most want to improve on next term is My Reading because I want to learn more goals

Monday, 14 April 2014

Making Choices

On the video above Hayley was influencing Katie to take the drugs where Emily is telling Katie not to take the drugs .

Hope You Enjoy Watching !!!

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Writing

For Writing I Had To Add Speech Marks To My Writing Correctly 

Here is an example 
" Mum!" Said Lucy 
" What?" Replied Mum
" I'm Going To Check The Mail."
" Ok See You In Fifteen Minutes ."
This Is The Hook For My Writing 
Lucy has been full of excitement for the past three days

Here Is A Paragraph Of My Writing 
Lucy has been full of excitement for the past three days . You may ask why three weeks ago Lucy applied for Bapple Barn Academy,Bapple Barn Academy is  the highest rated boarding  school in New Zealand.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Introdution Paragraph Of My Writing

Our decisions can influence the choices we make.Their are many people who influence our decisions like our Family,Friends and the Media but not just people influence our decisions the Law can influence us to.Most of the time we make good choices other times we make bad choices.Sometimes our choices seem right at the time but most of the time we regrete the choices we make.

My Maths

Friday, 28 March 2014

My Good Learner Strategy


* I Have Improved On...... Getting Feedback From Others And Using It In My Reading Or Writing .

* I Know This Because...... When The Person Or People That Gave Me The Feedback Read My Reading Or Writing Again It Made More Sense To Them.

* I Have Found Feedback Challenging Because ...... I Found That Giving Feedback Is Harder Than I Thought It Really Made Me Think.

* My Next Step Is To...... Get To Extended Abstract  When Giving Feedback To Others.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Hayley And Grace's Ukulele

I Have Improved On Changing From The Different Chords Example C To G And F To G7 . At The Moment I Think I Can Play Ten Guitars Because : I Know How To Change From All The Chords And What The Different Chords Their Are Through Out The Song. My Next Step Is To Strum Up And Down All The Strings And To Stay In Time

Thursday, 6 March 2014

My Art 2014

My Art Work

This Is My Art
Lines (stand out, divide colours and shape in the picture) : On my green hills and river my lines are bold and they stand out.
Colours(the landscape,light and darker):The colours in the sun are bright and bold .
Tone (contrast between colours):Where the different colours of the hills because it is darker in one shade of the hills.
Shape (basic and simplified shapes):the shape of my hills are really basic.
Overall: I am proud of my Art Work My next step is to work on mixing colours.