Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Reading

My Writing

This Is My Explaination Writing we had to base it on a career that sounds interesting to use I choose a  Zoologist but as I reasearch more about it I realised that it's not the job for me.My goal for writing is to link my paragraphs to  link your paragraphs you need to make sure that you remind the reader of the piece they have read above as well as using a connective e.g Although , after , as well as just to name a few.

My career goal is to be a Zoologist.As a Zoologist you study animals such as that you do lab and field work as well as giving talks to community groups, writing reports and scientific articles as well as studying the relationship between the animals and the environment that they live in.The chances of a job as a Zoologist is average due to the limited opportunities in some areas of employment,but high demand in others .The reason I want to be a Zoologist is that I like working with animals and I want to know more about animals and the environment they live in. I have also grown up with animals around me and I love and care for animals.

As to that these attributes best are describe me the best are quite,sporty,competitive,responsible and observant .Some attributes that will help me be a better Zoologist I can be are being curious, connecting,communicating  respectfully around the animals and others as well as being resilient.

Although these attributes will help me become a Zoologist I may not get a job as a Zoologist there could be a possible chance that there are no job opportunities as a Zoologist when I graduate with a bachelor of science. Luckily there are other job opportunities including Physiologist,Marine Biologist,Micro Biologist,Biochemist and a Agricultural/Horticutural Scientist.

Thanks for reading by Grace

Monday, 25 May 2015

My Maths

My Goals For Term 2 Update

 The goals I set for term two are

*Be a role model
*Do well in all subjects
*Be the best I can be

Be a role model : I have been a role model to the younger students by respecting the school grounds and others as well as the schools property.

Do well in all my subjects : I have been doing well in all my subjects because have pasted all my goals.

Be the best I can be : I have been being the best I can by doing my best in netball,maths,reading, writing and more 

My Maths Goal !!!