Monday, 7 September 2015

My Writing Prove It

This is my entry and exit ticket the blank space is what I knew when I first got moved into this writing group and below that is what I now know

Here is my Speech Prove It Introduction The highlighted words are apart of what I learnt with my goal. My W.A.L.T: To make our sentences more complex

Remember the tough times as a kid, being teased because of your gender,race as well as how rich or poor you are well It's hard being a kid. Because our parents make all of the decisions when half the time the decision our parents make is the opposite of what we really want, we have to do a whole bunch of chores. Although we wouldn't be able to survive without our parents because they bring home all the money,food and clothes. Also while Balancing six hours of school, homework,chores and after school activities.

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