Thursday, 19 February 2015

Leadership Peer Mediation

On Thrusday I did Peer Mediation, what is Peer Mediation you may ask well Peer Mediation is where you put your name down as well as getting trained up you will then become a Peer Mediator. While you are on Peer Mediation you will walk around your school (you may have set zones) for example I walk around the field and the year three classroom's. We also need to look to see if any other children have problems or if we see anyone upset then you ask them whats wrong and if they want to sort out the problem or not. But in some cases you will get one person who wants to sort it out but the other person doesn't or someone thinks they are in trouble but there not so they run off. When I did Peer Mediation on thursday there were no problems so we were just walking around making sure there were no problems or anyone upset. 

By Grace 

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