Friday, 13 March 2015

My Writing

      My Writting is based on the book Wonder which is where the character August has a different face to others and everyone stares at him. We had to write about what he did before he was 10 .

I raced out of bed,it was my 8th birthday I ran to see Mummy and Daddy they suddenly jumped out of know where yelling suprise happy birthday that but a smile on my dial.They said sweetie your birthday is today .Then Via walked in morning August she said Morning Via I replyed what  are we doing for my party I know lets go to Laser strike no Paint balling  That's to dangerous replyed Mum.

It was time for my party I was waiting for the guests to arrive,an hour pasted . Suddenly  Mum walked in Dad And Via trailing behind with there eyes glued to the ground what I said well I'm really sorry Auggie but I didn't hand out the invitations. 

I rushed to my bedroom there are so many things racing around my head at the moment I am so upset  but not just upset I was annoyed,disappointed and angry. Mum came to my door and knocked and said Auggie I'm really sorry I was to upset to open my door.

Dad came in he started to talk you know your mother is really sorry , she didn't mean to forget  I know I said as I sniffled. Dad then picked me up and took me out to the lounge their were balloon,streamers and my favourite was a gigantic cake.

Their was nobody their then out of nowhere Mum and Via appeared then my two friends walked in Mum I said you are a liar but I really love you. Open your presents she said there was around five from mum and dad the cake was from via and my two friends got me a life size super man.

Mum then came in to read me my bed time story once she had finished I said goodnight never do that again she replyed night sweetheart.

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