Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Poem

My Poem    

                                  The  shimmering stars danced throughout the night 
                                  with the sky so bright .Soon it was the moon's  
                                  time to go as the sun light up the town for those.

* What is Alliteration,Alliteration is where you put two words with the same letter in a sentence together. (E.G The wonderful worms wiggled in the soil )

* What is Rhyme,Rhyme is where you put two words together that have the same ending as each other. (E.G The feather is so bright and light )

* What is Personification,Personification is where you  give a non human/person thing a name of an action a person would do (E.G The sun sang as it swam around the sky

I think that I got to Relational because I have used three language features
My next step is to help others with there poems 

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