Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Writing Prove it

The goal I was on was spelling I got to Extended Abstract because I can create something and show others how to do this goal.

I live in a African Palace with my Brother Hansel he is such a lazy person oh I forgot to introduce myself i'm Princess Gretel but i'm not just a Princess i'm an Evil Princess. I work with my evil step mother and together we boss around my Father and my Brother not that they have any idea about our little scheme.

Hansel come here right now I said
What says Hansel
That is no way to speak to a Princess reenter and do it how you are supposed to.
Yes your highness what may I do for you
Go and find me a Prince to marry and take Daddy with you. You have two days to complete this quest if not something unexpected is coming your way.
Ok your highness what do you wish to see in this prince
Well the firstly make sure he looks nothing like you and has the greenest of all eyes and wears clothes that look royal as I said you have two days to complete this quest. So that I can have myself an African Prince

So off set my Father and Hansel on the safari of finding me my dream Prince. So now my mother and I can plot our scheme of making the love antidote so that my Prince with do anything I say any time I want and will want anything that want. As well as this my step Mother can find herself a better King to rule the land with. Enough about that it's time for my mani and pedicure as well as my face mask as I need to look my best for my future husband.

Finally the two days were up and they had found my prince his name is John he has the greenest eyes I've ever seen and luckily looks nothing like Hansel they did well on their little safari. John seemed awfully off about marrying me I mean come on who wouldn't want to marry me. As it turns out mother flushed the love antidote down the toilet and the antidote was

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