Friday, 5 September 2014

My Writing Reacount

This my reacount which is based on my parody this reacount is from the mothers point of view
the colour  pink is what my goal was /is in writing.Also in my writing there will be mistakes they are meant to be there because I am meant to under line them.

I learnt what prefixes and suffixes a prefix is the start of the word which is the colour blue and the suffix is at the end of the word which is the colour green and the middle word is the the root word which is yellow .

   Un forget able             Un  Forget  Able                

My writing the two paragraphs of my story

Today I have to let my two twin bratz go on a wild goose chase
because they are to close to finding out my secret whats my secret
you may ask well you will just have to wait and see.

Oh I forgot to introduce  my self i'm Lily Franswa now let's see I am an ex
crimanal  from new jersey down I live with my so called husband
who is rich he is currently at his mothers funeral ma ha ha i need
to work on that a little bit . Also I have to live with my two twin
bratz who I have to call my daughters. Well enough about me
we should probably get back to the story.

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