Friday, 5 September 2014

My Writing Parody

In the begging there lived two girls named Hansila and Gretal
Hansila and Greatal lived with there sweet sweet father and their evil step mother

That night Hansila and Gretal  walked past there parents bedroom and came to a sudden hault when they heard there names they stood there listening to there parents. There parents were talking about selling the house or getting rid of the girls .While their parents continued to talk the girls  tip toed back to bed.

The next morning they woke up reallly early in the morning to make there step mother a pie there step mother came in with her face mask on and said girls what have you made me for breakfast this morning. A pie the girs said nicely on three Hansila said to Gretal 1..2..3 the pie went all over there step mothers face you disgusting little girls. Get out of this house I will meet you outside.

There step mother got the girls father and told him what happened there father charged through the door and yelled at the girls you little pigs follow me. Their father stormed into the woods they finally got to the grey rock that has lots of bird poop on it . Their father told them to take a seat  said their father on there no way replayed Hansila to bad replayed there father .We have some news were kicking you out there parents then gave them five slices of bread and told then to run along.

As the girls were walking gretal saw something in the distance and told hansila,hansila said well come on then it was a fish and chip shop.gretal sat there and stared .its kinda dodgey said hansila well its our only hope plus i'm starving said gretal. The girls walked in to the fish and chip shop to find a lady who had bright pink hair , ickey brown teeth and a disgusting brownish black mole on here face
the lady was a little unpatient so she yelled at the girls and said are you wanting to order the girls just started then the lady said well speak children.

The girls replyed by saying 1 hotdog, 3 hotdogs ,1 fish ,5 fishes and 2 scoops of chips won't argue with that said gretal that comes to 35.49 thats the thing we don't have any money well get out i'm not giving you any food for free.The lady shouted so hard that her mole fell right of her face the girls just got out the door when another man walked in to get his order the lady had already wrapped up his order.the girls found the food out the back that was in the trash can. they look through the trash can and found some moldy chips then gobbled them down.

Afterthe girls had gobbled down the moldy chips they started throwing up but continued to walk as they came across a mansion it was huge should we knock on the door said gretal well of course hope fully these people will be nicer than the lady at the fish and chip shop the girls knocked on the door a tall skinny lady with mixed coloured hair answered the door with a smile.Hello the lady said what can I do for ya well our parents gave us the boot and we were wondering if we could stay here for a night sure come on in.Here is some chocolate chip biscuts and a glass of milk.

Then Hansila asked if there was any more food don't be so rude Gretal said to Hansila someone came running down the stairs who are these people said Amelia this is Hansila and Gretal they got the boot now girls it's getting Amelia could you show them where they will be staying do have to what was that sure no problem. Amelia took Hansila and Gretal up to there room.

Our house isn't even this big this carpet is so  soft  unlike ours said Gretal hurry up move it replyed Amelia weeks pasted and the girls helped out around the house doing chores and other bits and pieces
then suddenly the doctor came  rushing in to tell the girls the news. Your parents have um well fallen asleep for ever said he doctor were not dumb said the girls they have died two days later the girls died the doctor put it down to there parents death.

The End .

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